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Advantages of an EasyPutter

Easy-Fit: Easily adjust every important param very - today, next saison and future years


Individual weighting for each stature and putt style (weights of over 200 grams in approx. 10 gram steps)

As heavy as possible, as light as necessary – now individually adaptable to every golfer. Try a heavy putter – in that way you use the large muscles and take the smaller muscles in your hand and wrist out of the game. You get a more consistent and repeatable swing


Adaptable to different green speeds – quickly changeable weights (can be adjusted in small steps up to approx. 200 grams)

According to the putting technique, an adjustment of the putter weight is possible to compensate for the large green speed differences


The highest MOI of all putters worldwide

You get square to the ball, an involuntary twisting of the clubface is eliminated


The perfect loft for every putting technique – easy changeable clubface

Many golfers deloft when putting, as many putters have too much loft – the EasyPutter will be delivered with 2 degrees loft as standard. This is favorable for most golfers. Additional clubfaces with different lofts (and surfaces) are available.


Easy changeable clubfaces, with different surfaces (Feel and Touch) and different loft.

Choose between 3 different clubfaces without grooves, with grooves and with cross-grooves, to suit your personal preference for the putt feeling.


50% of the golfers will miss the hole from 2.5 meters.

Never miss again – easy aiming behind the self-standing putter – just like you would with a notch and bead sights.


Perfect alignment of the eyes above the ball – target lines in two levels show you the correct position.

When addressing, the correct position is important – and with the EasyPutter you can see easily when you keep your eyes and head in the right line.

Easy A-Lie-ment

Stepless adjustment of the shaft angle (lie between 68 and 79 degrees)

Never let your putter force you into wrong positions. Stay at the correct distance from the putter – this can only be done in a relaxed manner if the lie is correct.


Very large hitting area (sweet spot or sweet area) with the same ball roll

Didn’t you hit the ball exactly with the center of the putter? No problem, the huge sweet spot makes the ball roll perfectly without any loss of length.


The EasyPutter has been designed by our engineers and designers to make a putter suitable for both right-handed and left-handed players.

Switch from right-handed to left-handed? You can convert the EasyPutter in 2 minutes without additional components. This may be important if you want to bequeath or sell your EasyPutter.


Armlock – the alternative to belly and broomstick putters – also allowed after 2016.

For golfers with persistent yips: the armlock version for wobble-free, unerring putting. Available in 37″ to 42″ versions with special grip.


The EasyPutter adjusts itself completely to you – and therefore allows the best stability of you and the putter. And only a perfect stability allows an optimal dynamic.

EasyPutter - die neue Putter-Premiummarke - Made in Germany

  • Product development in Germany
  • Design by Prof. Kilian Stauss. The award-winning top designer is known for the optimal combination of functionality and aesthetics.
  • EasyPutter are manufactured in Germany on high-precision machines. The final assembly is also made with highest precision in Bavaria.

Höchste Präzision und Qualität

Maximum precision in production thanks to state-of-the-art 5-axis high-precision CNC milling

Perfect precision during assembly in Germany

Best materials such as

  • high-strength aluminum alloys
  • high-quality shafts for highest stiffness and lowest vibrations
  • very comfortable handles made of patented cork leather or selected handles from renowned manufacturers
  • Putter headcovers made of Alcantara

Made in Germany

Engineering in Germany

Design in Germany – of Professor Kilian Stauss

Precision CNC manufacturing in Germany

Lieferumfang EasyPutter

  • EasyPutter, manufactured from the highest quality aluminum alloys
  • Features a particularly high-quality shaft made of titanium-magnesium, which combines optimum rigidity with minimum vibration
  • World novelty: handle covered with cork leather, very pleasant feeling, good grip even when wet
  • Two different clubfaces (for different “touch and feel” – standard: Grooves and CrossGrooves)
  • Weight elements made of plastic, aluminum and stainless steel, enabling individual weight adjustment in small steps. Each EasyPutter is accompanied by a weighting table
  • Box for storing weights, clubfaces, Allen keys
  • Putter headcover made of Alcantara
  • For an additional charge: Training template for your putting training

Patent registered 2013

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